Our Mission & Aims

Our mission is to provide an excellent education, within a loving, caring community, based on the life and teachings of Christ and traditions of the Church, in which each individual, as a reflection of Christ, is enabled to reach his or her full potential.

We hope to help children to look to Our Lord for guidance and direction in their lives. The Christian Gospel message supports and sustains everything which happens in the school so that the Catholic Christian faith, which is taught explicitly in the classroom can take root in the hearts and minds of all our children.



Our aim is to provide an education for each child, which is suited to her age, ability, aptitude and needs so that she is encouraged and helped to reach his/her full potential.

The school also provides an experience of a living Catholic Christian Community, and in this way plays its part in the entry of the children into the full life of the Church and enables Christian values to develop, preparing them for society in general.

We try to encourage each child to:

  • Grow as an independent learner
  • Grow as a collaborative learner, able to share and work and play with others
  • Grow as a reflective learner.

Parents are the first educators of their children. St. Francis Catholic Primary School aims to support and work in partnership with parents in helping their children grow in the faith.

The Governors see the child as being at the heart of the education process and believe that the school’s curriculum must relate directly to each child’s needs as well as the teacher’s skills, the resources and facilities available. Each child needs to be helped to learn and to progress at her own pace, whilst being fully stretched. The child’s development as a responsible social being is considered just as important as the growth of academic excellence. Ability comes in a variety of forms and this school strives to recognise these and reward talents. Every effort is made to help and support those children who have special educational needs.