Afterschool Club

Mission Statement

To provide a variety of play opportunities in a safe, stimulating and child-orientated environment.   We hope families will continue to access this facility and that together we will celebrate its achievement as a partnership.


Reception children to Year 6 are eligible for registration.   Admission is based on your child already being a pupil at the school.   Registration/payment and bookings will continue to take place at the school office.


The management of behaviour is based on ground rules being chosen, reviewed and regularly updated by the children and staff.   As part of our partnership with parents, we will work with families to help overcome any behavioural difficulties children may be experiencing.    Please note, however, the Club has the right to exclude children and families that continue to threaten the health and safety of the club’s children, parents and staff.


We would be extremely grateful if parents could inform the office immediately or the day before, if their child will be absent or no longer require a place for that day.    This prevents confusion, saves valuable time and enables other families to access this facility.

Child Protection

As child care practitioners, the Club’s playworkers have a legal responsibility to contribute toward the protection of the children in their care.   If staff suspect potential abuse or neglect, they are obligated to follow procedures outlined in the Walsall Child Protection Committee Scheme.

Collecting you child

We would ask that parents/carers contact the school (preferably by telephone) if they will be late collecting their child.    Please remember to notify the school office or the after school club staff if someone different will be collecting your child

Complaints, Compliments and Suggestions

Any feedback from children and parents are taken seriously by the Club.  Therefore, should you at any time have a concern, complaint or a suggestion, please feel free to discuss this with the Club Co-ordinator, Mrs. Elizabeth Rudd.   Complaints will be handled sensitively and we will get back to you with the outcome as soon as possible.


The Children Act 1989 outlines the requirement of collecting information on children which is current and relevant to out of school care national standards.  We ensure confidentiality of personal information by :

  • Ensuring all records are kept on site and in a safe and secure place
  • Ensuring that only staff with designated responsibility have access to personal information
  • Enabling parents to access their child’s records and amend incorrect information as necessary

Equal Opportunities

The Club recognises the importance of equal opportunities and actively operates on an anti-discriminatory practice for all our play users and their families.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety covers a wide range of policies and these are available to read in more detail at the After School Club’s reception.   We would ask that families refrain from bringing animals and bikes onto the school site.   We also operate a no-smoking policy on the school site.  Children and their families are encouraged to inform staff immediately if they need to report any health and safety incident.   Please note that the club has the right to exclude any person that threatens the health and safety of the club’s children, parents and staff.


Will be available from the After School Club to read in more depth.

Thank you for your co-operation

Liz Rudd, Play Co-ordinator