Our Pupils

We have fantastic children at St. Francis who are keen to participate fully in the life of the school by taking on additional roles and responsibilities.

School Council

Our school council aims to empower children and give a voice in what happens in and around their school. By using a class voting system every child have a say and the children are introduced to a democratic society within a safe environment.

Two children from each class, Year 2 to Year 6, are elected to represent their class within the School Council.

The School Council meets every other Tuesday lunchtime and discuss ways they can help improve the school for everybody. Discussions range from how we can stop bullying, what clubs the children would like to how we can be more environmentally friendly as a whole school.

Members of the School Council have enjoyed helping create the tour of the school for this new website.

Faith Ambassadors

Children from Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 make up our Faith Ambassador team. The children meet regularly and take a leading role in responding to the demands of Catholic Social Teaching; being pro-active in finding ways of responding locally, nationally and globally.

Each year all children are provided with the opportunity to apply to be a Faith Ambassador, they then support and assist staff in leading the Catholic Life, RE and Prayer and Liturgy of our school. It is expected that these children will provide a great example for the rest of the school, actively living out their faith by demonstrating the Gospel Virtues and British Values.

Some of the tasks that the children undertake are:

  • Working collaboratively with others to prepare well-constructed experiences of prayer and liturgy.
  • Monitoring classroom Prayer Areas.
  • Monitoring, evaluating and updating resources.
  • Assisting staff within assemblies.
  • Contributing to our school’s evaluation of our Catholic Life and Mission; taking a lead in planning improvements to it.
  • Meeting regularly to discuss Charitable Outreach, planning for opportunities to help others. - Distributing donations to charity.

Our Faith Ambassadors with poverty and hunger books for Harvest.
Their first meeting.

Monitoring RE books.
Monitoring RE books.

Year 6

The students in Year 6, as the oldest children in our school, take on extra responsibility during their final year at our school.

At the beginning of the school year, the Year 6 pupils apply for a role from a list of available jobs. These include: House Captains, Prefects, APT (Assembly Preparation Team), Play Leaders, Eco Warriors and Digital Leaders.

These roles are important roles within our school and through these roles the Year 6 pupils set good examples and are good role models for the younger children.

Pupil Voice

See what some of our pupils think about our school:

  • "It is a nice place to be because the teachers and children are kind." - E, Reception
  • "I like to say prayers with all of my friends. I like to be a sign of God’s love." - D, Reception
  • "Our school always makes new people feel welcome." - M, Year 1
  • "We all look after each other." - N, Year 1
  • "Our school is a lovely place. We are all friends here!" - J, Year 2
  • "Our school is an amazing place where we come together to pray." - G, Year 2
  • "I like this school because I like art and drawing and the fun activities we do." - S, Year 3
  • "The teachers here teach us a lot of things and help us with everything." - S, Year 3
  • "Teachers are happy, encourage you to try your best and help you learn." - I, Year 4
  • "I like RE because we get to deepen our faith, religious understanding and relationship with God." - C, Year 4
  • "I like that school makes me feel safe and helps me overcome my fears." - P, Year 4
  • "I like our school because it helps me prepare for the future." - C, Year 4
  • "This school is positive because the teachers take care of us and teach us new things every day." - E, Year 5
  • "This school has great teachers, dinner laddies, office staff, cleaners and a kind head teacher. I love learning new things every day." - E, Year 5
  • "The thing that I like most about this school are the different clubs that we do because they are fun and help us to learn more." - L, Year 5
  • "The teachers at St. Francis strive to make the activities as fun and enjoyable as possible." - M, Year 6
  • "I like the kindness of all my friends and teachers. I like how the school encourages us to take care of the environment." - F, Year 6