Pupil Roles

We have fantastic children at St. Francis who are keen to participate fully in the life of the school by taking on additional roles and responsibilities.

School Council

Our school council aims to empower children and give a voice in what happens in and around their school. By using a class voting system every child have a say and the children are introduced to a democratic society within a safe environment.

Two children from each class, Year 2 to Year 6, are elected to represent their class within the School Council.

The School Council meets every other Tuesday lunchtime and discuss ways they can help improve the school for everybody. Discussions range from how we can stop bullying, what clubs the children would like to how we can be more environmentally friendly as a whole school.

Members of the School Council have enjoyed helping create the tour of the school for this new website.

Charity Committee

Our Charity Committee is made up of children from Years 2 to 6. These children organise fundraising events and choose the charities our school support.

Money is raised through fundraising events, fairs and charitable donations from the whole school community.

Staff, pupils and families are always extremely generous in their support of others. Throughout the year we support many different charities.

In 2017/18 the charities we supported include Father Hudson Care, Cafod, Rwanda Project BCP, Isabella Lyttle, Birmingham Children's Hospital, SIFA Fireside, Alton Castle. Our harvest donations also supported The Sanctuary at St. Chad's.

Year 6

The students in Year 6, as the oldest children in our school, take on extra responsibility during their final year at our school.

At the beginning of the school year, the Year 6 pupils apply for a role from a list of available jobs. These include: House Captains, Prefects, APT (Assembly Preparation Team), Play Leaders, Eco Warriors and Digital Leaders.

These roles are important roles within our school and through these roles the Year 6 pupils set good examples and are good role models for the younger children.